Wednesday, May 25, 2011

~ Hectic ~

.: SALAM :.

From yesterday onwards, we've been reassigned some work to do in Level 16, Bangsar.
KJ -> Bangsar.
So, it obviously change my routine life dramatically.
Need to wake up as early as i can.
Drive to LRT station.
Search is there any car park left for me.
But it always full.
So, nothing much to do, just park illegally.
MBPJ will fine my car (as usual).
So taking the LRT from KJ to Abdullah Hukum.
Walking a bit farther to that office.
Discussing with the rest.
Got bunch of works to do, to be settled.
Massive responsible.

So now it makes my life become so hectic.
And lil bit worry of acid splasher existence there.

God, please protect my daily life.


Cik FaRiZaM said...

Moga kite di lindungi Allah.....akak setiap hari jalan ke TM tu pon risau je...aritu nampak sorang india ni bwk moto, pgg botol nyg ada dlm raga moto. tp maybe bukan org tu masa tu agak takut la.sbb fobia je ngn org bwk moto....

haLyZaQiut said...

Cik Farizam - yeke...ish...tula, kes2 cmni jadi seriau lak...moga2 cepat la ditgkap org x siuman tuu....x baik menganiaya org kan...