Monday, July 27, 2009

~ Dearie ~

- Dearie -

One nite stand is enough to make me scared.

To make me sad.

To make me guilty.

To make me silent.

To make me think.

To make condition hanging.

Direct my heart so far away, thinking too much,

in a very unstable and uncontrolled emotion.

U left me with a thousand questions...

Just like that.

Just like that.

Hope the best for a better tomorrow.


Tears that fallin down to nowhere.

Prove how much im worried of each second goes by,

of each words throw out,

of each circumstances which may come.

of each situation that arriving nearby.

of each hope that fade away...

of each answers that keep emerging.


And one nite stand.

U prove me everything.

Return me a smile.

Return me a warm soul.

Return me a good feel.

Return me a relief.

Return me a creed.

Return me a love.


Bear in mind.

Every single word which came from my lips.

Every single hope that i give.

Every single second that im with.

Every single laugh that i've made.

Is sincerely from me.

And sincerely its goes to u.


I want u to realize.

I want u to keep it.

I want u to hold it tight.

I want u to guard the promise.

I want u to feel it.

I want u to make it.

I want u to understand.


When i first know u, I was afraid to like u.

Now that I like u, I'm afraid to love u.

Now that I love u, I'm afraid to lose u.



I know u know that..........